Tuesday, March 19, 2013

beauty obsessions

i've been getting some questions in regards to makeup and brands that i use. so here are a few of my favourite products. my obsessions do sway, but this is currently where im at.

it removes makeup really easy, but doesn't leave any residue on the face. being water based it's fresh and infused with natural flowers to tone also. win-win!
it's such a luxurious mascara. i wear it every day mostly because it makes my lashes long and even, but also mostly because it smells like roses and is GENTLE on your eyes!
i use this on my cheekbones underneath foundation, and then press it in over the top too. it adds such a beautiful glow, even when you're not wearing foundation.
the. best. liquid. liner. i. have. ever. used. nuff said.
such a fun colour and it's really opaque which means you don't have to layer it to get the effect.
i wear this as a night cream. my skin is pretty normal but definitely tends to get dry so this super thick hydrating magic is so delicious for my skin to sleep in.
love the colour of this. it's a little less plum and little more wine. and the texture of these lip pencils is creamy to apply, but they dry to your lips and last quite a while.
honestly, this stuff works. i was born with long enough lashes already, but using this has made them conditioned and really just even. it curls your lashes too which means you don't have to wear as much mascara to make your lashes long. i swear by this. you probably won't notice anything for a couple of weeks, but after about a month you'll be obsessed too.
it lives up to what it says. i wear this as a primer for full foundation, or alone as foundation. also use it to highlight my cheek bones or hydrate under my eyes. it's such a good product and looks incredible by itself or to compliment other products. for those of you who like a glow-y finish, you need this.

dan xx

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