Sunday, January 13, 2013

scanlan stripes

singlet: Scanlan and Theodore
shorts: DKNY (that were once jeans)
shoes: Converse
watch: Marc Jacobs

totally love this singlet which was given to me by my baby sis for christmas. i've worn it a few too many times of late. and  just another present to add to the pile is this watch. holy smokers. i was rather impressed when my boyfriend presented me with this at christmas. it's almost too exciting when you get the thing you were really hoping for. so this little ensemble is how i've been dressing almost exactly for the last couple of weeks. no joke. i think i've worn about 5 variations of this muscle tee/mini short combo. some would say it's too much. others would say you're super cool don't even worry about it. but i mean, is it really outfit repeating if your alternating colours? it would perhaps only be confusing to those colourblind members of the community, and i'd say they're a vast minority. less of an outfit repeater, more of an outfit optimiser i say. now go free and optimise.
dan xx

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