Thursday, January 10, 2013

airbrush bliss.

one of the most exciting christmas presents i have ever received.
dinair airbrush makeup kit.

so i have used the airbrush only about 3 times now, but so far i have pretty good reviews. you can order the kits online with different option sizes. mine is the studio beauty kit, available for $259 AUD.
this is what is inside:

the first time i put it on i wasn't sure about the finish. i thought it looked a bit powder-y or dry even, and probably would have looked better on someone with oilier skin. however then i put their little 'moist and dewy' finish over the top, and that is really when i feel for the product. it's really easy to use and has all the instructions in the world. and if the dvd isn't enough just visit their website or youtube page to find hundreds of helpful tutorials. now i'm not sure how i feel about doing your entire makeup with airbrush. but perhaps that's some sort of puritan belief not wanting to corrupt the art of brushes and beautiful colours from your favourite brands. i still can't believe you can even put eyeliner on with an airbrush. it seems absurd, but just watch the tutorial! anyway, as far as skin goes it really does sit so well on the skin where you sort of want to question if i'm even wearing makeup, yet you can control the amount of coverage. the trick is not letting too much out at once! or you will, i repeat, will, get a huge spot of colour where you probably didn't want it. oh, and i opted for the kitchen as my vanity considering the huge rays of natural light and therefore better judgement.

overall i'm pretty impressed with dinair. the other plus is that i used only 5 drops of makeup, which is SO much less product than i would ever use with normal foundation. also the product is hypo-allergernic aaand, well this could have been my imagination or some sort of lucky day, but i felt as though my skin looked even better once i took it off. call me crazy but i think it even improved my skin. i don't know maybe i'm taking it too far. but i will report back on that as i continue using it.
so there it is. dinair airbrush kit. models, photographers, brides, i am ready for you!

dan x

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