Monday, September 10, 2012

sequins and stripes

so hello.
i'm wearing a sequin covered jacket. in fact it's probably more of a cardigan, in which case i think gives it credibility to be worn during the day time, right?

top: Dolce & Gabbana
skirt: Topshop (i think this is it here)
boots: The label has worn off, but they're from paris so they're cool
necklace: Poppy Lissiman

i actually bought this for a beautiful friend's 18th birthday, the theme was sequins. but i mean, really, how cool is it. this was from that vintage store i told you about last post. it was too expensive, but its shine sucked me in and i couldn't resist. now, my apologies if my speech turns melancholy, or suddenly disinterested. i'm watching the machine gun preacher. probably not the best combination of multi tasking. anyway, this movie totally shows the heart of god and i love it. 
aaaaanyway. this top was another sweet sale item i got in singapore. i literally made a 1000 dollar saving. what the heck. the skirt i linked you to is the wrong colour i think, but the same skirt. and once again i'm wearing that coin necklace. i literally could wear it with everything. thank you poppy lissiman. my hair is getting longer you may have noticed. i'm actually glad about it. the last couple of weeks i've been missing my long hair. at current length however i'm diggin it. what do you think?
perhaps that can be a rhetorical question..
dan xx

Sunday, September 2, 2012

see by chloe

bonjour. i'm wearing stripes.
what is this attachment we hold connecting the french with stripes? it's so, cool.

jumper: See by Chloe (pretty much sold out)
jeans: from Miss Brown Vintage 
(i like this place. it doesnt smell too much...)
shoes: Converse
bag: Lolla Palooza

as just mentioned, the jeans are from this cute vintage store called miss brown vintage, in the city. it was probably one of the best vintage experiences i've had in perth, and that is unfortunately not based on prices, but literally the experience. the workers were deeply interested in what i was trying on, and the store is large with a really great selection of things. they get a lot of clothing imported, and it's layed out so clearly. you don't feel like you can't breath from previously existing mothball-in-closet situations either. so that's brilliant. also this is a groovy see by chloe number that my mum scored in paris and that i get ample wear out of. i couldn't find a site that it wasn't sold out on though, my apologies. these photos were taken in fremantle when i tagged along to my sisters lunch date with her friends. no really. i did. and although i'm not sixteen, somehow the braces and the converses allowed me to pass for it. oh golly. looking forward to the day when i feel my age again, and i will be smiling all over this blog. none of this awkward hiding metal in my mouth photos. there will be real live smiling going on.
until that day, we will have to endure.
love to you all.
dan x

parisien pin up

hello great people.
so finally, approximately 1 million years later, here are the photos from the shoot that chantal and i did with maddy. it was a lot of fun, and i think, a brilliant result. maddy just looks gorgeous, and channy did a great job of the hair and makeup. this time around i was the photographer/stylist. i quite like styling. you would expect so. there was no real direction for this shoot, but after chan did the hair and makeup i kind of decided the outfits. i guess you could say i was going for paris meets pin up 50's meets 2012. i think it kind of worked. either way the photos are super. super cool. i do hope you like them, and if you like chan's makeup you can find more of her stuff here.
dan xx