Saturday, August 11, 2012

so a fair while ago now my mamma bought this top from gorman for a mexican party.
i however thought it was groovy, definitely festive, but worthy of casual every day wear. its tent like shape allows for great airflow. and the colours will certainly draw attention to yourself. the pattern is almost like aboriginal art in the way that it has spots and lines and trees. i dono. i'm no aboriginal art expert, but i'd say this shirt is the perfect hybrid of australian heritage, mexican fiestas, and a bed sheet. mix that with a pair of khaki jeans rolled at the ankles and a pair of overused boots that you will not stop wearing because they remind you of paris, and you're in for a great day.

so on another note, chictopia (the web destination for a feed of fashion bloggers) have recently put a photo of me on their facebook page from my previous post. and i'd just like to tell you that it has 4,954 likes. i mean. what. if i could put numbers in capitols letters i would have. just know that i shouted that at you because i'm excited. seriously. if you've been one of those people, thank you. it has made my life a little better. i must say though, i did lol at some of the comments with people declaring me their new style idol. i mean that's just hilar, as i more than anoyone am on this 'cool quest'. so know that my laughter was only at myself and not at your appreciation for my outfit. i must have done something right to have nearly 5,000 likes... i'm going to stop talking about this now. i don't want to lose my cool factor by having written a whole paragraph on how popular my photo was...yeah.
so thanks. you're all amazing and way cooler than me!
dan xx


  1. I was one of those people! Haha. I couldn't remember the name of your blog (I thought it was Jesse Dressed Me, go figure). But yes. I think your blog is really gorgeous. I'm from Brisbane, so I fully understand what it's like to be a rather neglected in terms of fashion variety. Anway. Great blog! X

    1. Oh, well thank you very much. In case you couldn't tell from the paragraph above, i was pretty excited about the response! Appreciate the comments doll x

  2. Ahaha! I actually lolled at that little ramble about your popular photo. Thanks for that :P

    Love your blog! Can't believe I haven't seen it earlier!

    Steph xx

    1. I lolled at myself when I wrote it! haha. Thank you!
      Also very much diggin all your blogging efforts xx