Sunday, August 26, 2012

tshirt: Antipodium (blue version here)
jeans: Claude Maus
belt: Peter Lang
boots: Beau Coops (find them here)
bag: Lolla Palooza
neckalce: Poppy Lissiman

these boots were a little purchase i made while out with Dave the other day. i find it so hard to resist a sale. but I'd been saving so i felt like i deserved it. although i was saving for something far more significant than a pair of boots. then again, a great pair of boots can become a huge part of your life. so at the end of the day it was worth it. i think i need to do a little post on things that i am wanting right now, and that includes a few pairs of boots. i still feel like i'm searching for that perfect shoe. you need the right flat shoe, the right heel, the right boot, and the right lace up shoe. and i'm still on the quest, you know. maybe it's never ending. in fact i hope it's never ending, as it validates consistent shoe shopping for the rest of your life. so here's to never finding 'the one'. may we shop forever and find momentary happiness in these beautiful things. such as tshirts that don't quite fit the mould, like this knitted thing. and jewellery made from coins. and high waisted jeans.
dan x


  1. Man, if you rolled up the sleeves on that white shirt and cuffed those jeans, you could have the tuff 50's greaser look, going aswell... Just a thought :P

  2. Love this outfit, incredibly chic! (Greaser or no greaser ;)). Dammit, now I want those boots too, haha. They're bewitching me with their delicious brown leather and 70s-ish heel.

    1. I know right, they're the perfect height, and the perfect blend of ugly yet beautiful colour! x