Sunday, March 18, 2012

wedding shoot.

hi friends. been a while.
well today i was styling for a bridal test shoot. i was wearing my new maurie and eve top that i got on sale. and i like it. i like it a lot. much like this necklace that i totally sporadically made the other day. i saw some chain sitting on my bench, and a pair of pliers, and this is what happened. i think it's super cool and chainy. worn with my old thrifted diy shorts. i'm starting to feel like i need to replace them. the alternate pair of high waisted denim shorts that i did buy, i must have been delusional to even really think they pass as pants. that's pretty rich coming from me. the girl who likes to think she eludes to longer legs by wearing things as short as she can get them without becoming inappropriate or awkward. that in mind, i have actually worn these very shorts i am talking about. the key is to wear something long covering your behind... okay fine they're still way too short. which is why i've decided to never wear them again. without tights that is.. hehe.
okay enough of my shorts. back to the shoot. so we went to the store wallcandy in highgate area where they sell wallpaper and other cute home/furniture goods. it turned out to be a lovely day. yet tiring. running around trying to find clips for the dress (which you can see on display) and tying up silly corseted dressed. and holding lights. and posing models. blah blah the usual. anyway the photographer was khen chen, and he really is lovely. he definitely made the day enjoyable. along with my beautiful friend chantal who did the makeup and hair. aaaand of course the gorgeous models. one of which was baby sister (who you can see with a half red lip above) and natalie who was the sweetest. looking forward to seeing what they all turn out like.
lotsa love.
dan x

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