Tuesday, February 7, 2012


so monday i had a lot of fun. after getting lost. more than once. i headed to york with an amazing team for a photo shoot. my official title was makeup artist and hair stylist. that always freaks me a little. the whole hair thing. but i certainly try. my good friend lance (who i've shared with you all before) asked me to head down with another friend of mine tanielle, styling, and couple of gorgeous models (and their supportive fam) for an epic shoot. we spent time in a building still standing from 1830. moved to a old school candy store. and finally a piano graveyard.. yah. i know. fricken cool. so here are just some behind the scene type shots. can't wait to show you when they're done. yay.

follow lance's blog here and like his facebook.
he deserves your attention.
oh and new post soon.
dan xx

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