Thursday, February 16, 2012

for the love of charlie..

so these photos were a little sporadic. you see. russell james this awesome celebrity photographer is having a little facebook photo competition. and the whole theme was love. and i guess maddy and i thought, well we love charlie (who doesn't love that face), so we took a couple of snaps with me and the ball of fluff. i'm actually loving these photos too. the lighting and the discovery of the awesomeness of curves on photoshop i think has given some rather cute photos. so hopefully you like them too.
this dress was $18. i know. really. from that lucky 13 place in the city that i have previous spoken about. mm. it was a long long time ago that i mentioned it. anyway. good store. only down fall is that everything is like 'one-size-fits-all'. but it's definitely a lie. from the front we are all happy and dandy, but when i turn around you start to question whether it is in fact a dress. then i lean ever so slightly forward and it really loses all credibility. so i may be in denial. i still think its a dress. i just add some little black denim short underneath. then there is then the issue of older women looking at you shocked for showing your black denim underwear. sweetheart. they're shorts.
okay anyway it's late and i could talk forever. follow me on twitter if you haven't i'd really like it. at the moment i look like some lame little dan with 18 followers. yah. i know. lame. so follow me. i put lots of instagram photos up that i don't have on my blog. okay. really i'll stop hassling you.
ciao bambinos.
dan x.

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