Wednesday, February 8, 2012


i lovvve these shoes. my little baby sister got them for my for christmas. i know right. now i'd imagine the price tag would be quite the opposite to that of my pants. these little things i picked up for $10 at dotti. i must say it's probably the first time i've been in there since i was 15. i was surprised at how cute some things were. cross was another christmas present, from my aunties. and the top was another sale item last christmas in fact. $20 from brownies. back to the pants. i'm feeling a little conflicted as to wether i truly love them. something about them is cool, and makes me feel relaxed. almost like i don't care what they look like. yet i clearly do. and on occasion they make my thighs look ginorm. overall, i think i'll give them a tick. but you know what i mean right.
dan x 

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