Sunday, February 19, 2012


before we discuss what i'm wearing. can we just point out my little sister. i mean really. she is getting very cool at this whole photo thing. look at her being all clever and creating interesting depth and all. anyway. good job mad. so this shirt i got from lucky thirteen, like my last post. and again the whole one size fits all thing is actually relative to how large/small you are. however there were a few of these shirts and i think i'm totally going to make my own because it's literally a mens xl shirt which they have cut off but left dangly bits at the front to tie, put a piece of elastic in it and rolled the sleeves. i'll definitely show you how i do it. that is if i ever do. i'll potentially just buy more. i must say i do like the collar. i love that is has the three buttons to hold it down. definitely cute.
so i got ready so rushed this morning (hence the lack of makeup) but i'd been thinking about putting this shirt over this dress for a while now, and thank god it worked. which brings me to this dress. i literally wear it every week. like when i don't know what to wear i just throw on me old staple. appropriately the brand is actually, staple. and these new kid shoes are just one of the three pairs this family has, and of course, are worn down by excessive use and the over walked european streets. maybe thats secretly why i like to wear them. because they've been on my feet in rome. mm. anyway. not many of you heeded to my twitter call. but seriously. you should do it. then you can follow me on instagram. coz i'm good at updating that. much better than my blog haha. however. you may have noticed i've tried to make my blog a little cooler. and tomorrow i'm spending a whole day doing cool blog thing with my super techy smart cool friend. so hopefully we will do this thing. this cool thing. and make it cool.
so just wait and see what we can do.
dan x

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