Wednesday, January 11, 2012

maurie and eve..

wearing. maurie and eve jeans. tbox singlet. pigeon hole bag.
so i love my new camera. and i think i've decided the redo the post ive been telling you about with the alice mccall shorts. and im totally finishing the makeup videos today, so you can finally get them. im terrible with this whole time thing. soo i got these jeans at david jones on boxing day. i had never realised how many people do their christmas shopping on boxing day. it really baffles me. but the thing i love about the jeans i guess is the hectic patterned-ness. and i wear jeans a lot so it's always fun when they're fun. but they are cropped, and occasionally make my legs look midget like. but overall, i really enjoy them. ooh. and im sure you all would never notice. but after heading to the beach house with my friends, i spent probably the most time i've spent at the beach/sun in my life in a few days. and i have never seen my face so freckly in my life. so i put that close up in just so you can see them.
yeah. i don't know. i thought it would be cool. haha.
see you soon yall.
dan x


  1. Waw!lıke it . you are beutiful girl! bag fantactic:)

  2. Those pants are really amazing! I WANT them :) Great hair, great blog! Follow each other?

  3. Dani those pants are CRAZY! My screen is small but when I scrolled down through the first pic, they literally jumped out at me and I was like WOAH! :) I wanna see 'em in person :) -Kathryn