Monday, January 2, 2012


one of my favourite presents from christmas. i love how tiny the skulls are so that you're not even sure what it is until you get close. hope you've all had a wonderful holiday with christmas and new years. i've been terribly absent due to enjoying myself far too much. and i'm off to a beach house with some friends tomorrow for a few more days of even more sun swimming and food. it really is living the good life.
now apart from my great jewellery, i received the world's coolest present that i am so grateful for. but really, you guys benefit from it. a new camera. cannon 7d. and it makes me really happy, and you guys will enjoy better photos. woo. i've got a whole bunch of holiday photos to upload soon. and still. waiting the reveal of the alice mccall shorts. so until then. continue to enjoy yourselves, and remember to thank our father for just how much he has blessed us with. lots of lurrrv yall.
dan x

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