Friday, December 23, 2011

red and green

i got this bag from my aunty's store. Imogino. in bunbury when we went down the other day.
it's a pigeonhole bag. and I love it. actually so much. i was feeling the holiday/christmas season with red nail and green bag. it was accidental but highly appropriate. i also got these shorts from pigeonhole when i went there the other day. i spent so long in there it's not even funny. i always forget every time i go there how much i enjoy it. as it would seem many other stores in perth struggle to have as much quirk and cool as this store. i didn't realise it was so hard. mm. well i'm sure i'll be finding myself in there more often. it was quite marvellous for christmas presents.
anyway. so this is just a real quick post of what i wore the other day out to lunch with one of my dear friends sarah, who has come over from sydney for the summer holidays. good to have her back. if all goes well you will see her face on here soon. got another post i'm dying to show you, just may not get around to it too soon. i'll finally be showing you the alice mccall skorts. woo.
hope you're all having amazing holidays. going to party with jesus soon :)
dan xx

Saturday, December 17, 2011


hello dears.
it's been a bit longer than usual, but all this end of yearness has kept me quite on the go. therefore not editing photos and such menial things. it always amazes me how i can be so busy on holidays. anyway. once christmas is over i'll be spending a lot of time on this baby. a long with the marvellous help of my baby sister. who will in fact be doing much of the same thing. she has started a blog very recently. she's a pretty snazzy little tumblr-er also, but for now check it out and follow her. she's bound to upload lots soon enough. click here to see.
so clothing wise. as this is a 'fashion' blog. i'm wearing a lilya maxi dress that i no longer enjoy in its original form. it's much better as a skirt. i also wore it here a whole year ago. paired with the cropped neuw top you recently saw, and a terese ruiz belt. it felt quite lovely to be wearing this along the wind swept river shore, bare foot and pretending to be at one with the sand whilst posing. somehow the two ideas seem to contradict themselves. mmm. well hopefully i'll get another post in soon before christmas. and if not you'll be hearing plenty from me after. hope you're enjoying the best holiday season of the year. lots of love and blessings.
dan x

Sunday, December 4, 2011

country road. op shop pt3.

feels like i haven't blogged in so long. and it's only been a week.
i feel like this is a good sign. i might actually be getting the hang of this thing :)
so here's part 3 of the opshop series. i got this skirt from vinnies in claremont. it was $6. the original brand is country road. when they used to have those cool big stitched in tags. they're cool. i love that it's just a simple shaped black skirt but has the little sheer spotted layer over the top. i was supposed to take a before and after altering photo. however i forgot to take a photo when it was long. and i decided to wear it before even hemming it. which really was a bit silly. i was pulling an array of cotton from the bottom of the skirt all day. anyway. i will show you once i've done it all lovely.
top is neuw. shoes are new kid. i've well worn in these babies now. i love them. wear them probably too much. and the whole sock thing, i know, it really does break all the laws about proportions. considering the length of my legs. so i did try to pull my skirt high as possible to make my legs seem longer. the whole short top thing too. i don't know if it worked. meh. i like the socks and shoes :)
oh and i have some awesome makeup stuff coming up. finally they are actually going to work for me. for you. for us. yay. looking forward to sharing that with you. in the meantime, you can jump on to my makeup facebook and see just a few photos from some makeups that i have done. click here if you would like to see. thank you. love you all. see you soon.
dan x