Saturday, November 26, 2011

hello dolly...

So at the shoot I did the other day, this was basically the makeup.
I can't wait to show you the actual photos, but in the mean time, these ridiculous photos of my baby sister are more than sufficient. I did a really gold eye, winged liner, pinky cheeks, perfect skin, and these exploding pink lips. kinda looks like she just ate an icey pole. i love it. haha.

She looks insanely gorgeous, it's kind of silly. But anyways, I'm thinking about doing a video of a makeup, now that I've finally sussed all that video stuff out. I always ask questions and people never seem to answer. sad really. haha. but I'm going to ask another question. Would you like to see a video of this makeup look? Or a pin up look? Or a smokey eye? Or a day-time look? Let me know. (yes. i've said this before, but now it will work. yay)
Oh and another music video on youtube coming up.
Love you all. Thanks for all the support lately.
Dan x


  1. I've tried to post comments before but there's no login options for any of the services most people use - like twitter or fb. I'm trying again anyway. Because I'm procrastinating right now.

    Unfortunately I'm probably not your target audience for makeup videos, so I don't really have a preference (or know what any of those looks involve for that matter) haha. And I'm so glad you actually specified what effects you did in this post so I can properly appreciate your skills...I would have no clue about things like winged eyeliner otherwise. Top work my friends :)


  2. A make up tutorial of this look would be awesome.
    I love this!
    Great job :)