Monday, November 14, 2011

cut out..

went to the vinnie's in claremont today, and it was one of the best op shopping experiences i've had in a while. honestly. it somehow smelt clean. and the ladies were so excited about us finding beautiful things in there. made me all more enthused to look around. only down fall, it's such a small shop. anyway. had lots of fun and scored this awesome cut out shirt...

also wearing nudie jeans. wrist belt. and casadei heels.
these shoes are actually my mothers, but i know she bought them knowing i'd wear them a thousand times more than her. (good woman). they're insane anyway. perfect colour and the heel is just so chunky. reminds me of the 70's. sort of flared. we got them in florence. and if it weren't for the hefty price we would have come home with many more from that gorgeous store. next time i'll know where to put my moneys. oh and i hope you all enjoyed my youtube video. i've had pretty lovely response, so thank you all! however i've decided it's a bit depressing. so it's time i upload something that will make you feel good about living/music/anything. so watch this space for that update.
be blessed my dears.
dan x

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