Tuesday, October 11, 2011


just a little sneak peak of the next blog post.
maddy's been trying to figure out some groovy new editing for my photos. try and give them a different look. starting to get over all this work for uni now. i don't want to learn any more, i just want to perform and write music and get actually good at it. golly. i think it's the sunny-ness of the world lately and the whole end of year approaching thing. where I just want to chill and do what I want to do. but darn it, i need to learn. and i've got something super to look forward to in the holidays. miss rachel is coming back home (well i'm not sure where her home is anymore) for a holiday so i get to spend splendid summer days with her. can't wait. oh and I made a video for the tube so should get it up soon. woo. see you in a little while lovelies.
Dan x

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