Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the rest..

So here are the rest of the photos from my last post.
I seriously love this outfit. When I first put the shirt on, I looked like I was dressing for an office job. And then I put on the silly short and the blazer and bam. A completely different feel. Well. I wouldn't wear this to an office anyways. These brogues I really love, but I struggle to wear sometimes. And one key thing is needed - fake tanned legs. Something I'm getting in to the swing again with all this summery weather approaching. Oh man. It's hard having to maintain yourself. goodness.
Anyways. Got another post brewing. Just need to time to edit photos etc. But you shall be seeing it soon. Along with some danitube :) Oh and one more thing. Start following if you're not already, because I'm having a sweet competition soon. yay. Love yall.
Dan x

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  1. The outfit looks awesome
    & you've got great photos! :)