Saturday, October 29, 2011

kitchen bench.

literally. maddy told me to jump on the bench and i did.
wearing a mens hugo boss shirt. nudie jeans. diavolina heels.
now this mens shirt thing is something ive been exploring. the main reason being the majorly reduced price tag in comparison to womens t.shirts. id rather pay 20 than 80. the other reason being their just plain and fun and big. much like my last post, the idea here is to not be too much of a man and wear something pretty too. i'm so like that. confused about being pretty or being, ah, cool. if there is a difference. hmm. well anyway i love these pretty shoes and i can't wait to wear them with a pretty summer dress and just be plain pretty. none of this cool business. 
so here's so mens clothing and pretty shoes, not to mention maddy's increasing photography skills,
lots of love
dan x

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