Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So some days I just feel like dressing like a serious girl. There's something about candy-like stripes and bows that will always reflect an innocent young girl. And speaking of innocent young girls, my baby sister I feel, has been doing a marvellous job of taking my photos lately. We have some coming up that are a bit cool. It gets tough deciding where to take the photos, and we actually haven't done any outside of my actually premisses, (apart from the neighbours house, which has now been pulled down and the rebuilding has begun - you can only imagine how sad i was at the sound of those well lived walls being pulled down). So we've managed to keep everything pretty much home done, regardless of the numerous times we drive by a super cool location and say we will drive there for the next post. So anyway, I just wanted to thank that little darling for her efforts. Soon enough she will not be the one behind the camera, but the one in front. I mean really. No one is born with those genetics to do anything other than model.

Wearing: basik top. teresa ruiz belt. torn by sonny kobo skirt. marcus b boots. and a red ribbon for fun.
So aside from all my dribble about my much taller, browner, small nosed sister, I have decided to really embark upon this whole song writing thing. So I'm thinking I will start a YouTube account. It did the Beibs some good, so it might just help me too. I'll put many covers up, because really, that's all people want to hear - what's on the radio. But I'm also thinking it's going to be a good way to get feedback on my own songs, and hopefully, if it's positive, it will make me a little more inspired to delve further in to this idea of music as my career. So watch this space for the arrival of dansungtome? or something ridiculous like that. Lots of love,
Dan xx


  1. cute :D
    I definitely will following you if you follow me :D
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  2. Dan I love this outfit! And you should definitely start a youtube account - your voice is so incredible :)

  3. This look is so Parisian chic I love it to death!!
    & I love finding other Perth bloggers :)