Saturday, October 29, 2011

kitchen bench.

literally. maddy told me to jump on the bench and i did.
wearing a mens hugo boss shirt. nudie jeans. diavolina heels.
now this mens shirt thing is something ive been exploring. the main reason being the majorly reduced price tag in comparison to womens t.shirts. id rather pay 20 than 80. the other reason being their just plain and fun and big. much like my last post, the idea here is to not be too much of a man and wear something pretty too. i'm so like that. confused about being pretty or being, ah, cool. if there is a difference. hmm. well anyway i love these pretty shoes and i can't wait to wear them with a pretty summer dress and just be plain pretty. none of this cool business. 
so here's so mens clothing and pretty shoes, not to mention maddy's increasing photography skills,
lots of love
dan x

Thursday, October 27, 2011


it would seem that i actually didn't do a post on assisi. how ignorant of me. anyways. here are some photos for you. they should make you feel rather glad about living. it was sunny and just beautiful there. probably a little too hot for this white girl, but amazing. it's a town on a hill. and food was a joke. by that i mean so good it was almost comical. so here's a view of one of italy's finest hillside town...

ciao bambinos x

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

assisi streets

i did a post on some wonderful things we saw in assisi a little while ago. but just thought i'd elaborate on that little outfit. apart from that i was looking through my photos last night and felt a desperation to get back to that gorgeous sunny place. love that photo of the church. it pretty much sums up the mood of the place. so on to the clothing. i wore these shoes almost every day due to walking and generally just liking the shoes. this little plaid skirt i got from a vintage market, and you guessed it, it was long but i took it up. it kind of has this grandma meets school girl thing about it. come to think of it. hopefully i didn't pull of that look too well. but i think it's kinda fun. the top is bracewell (this singlet has literally been in the family for years) belt also vintage and the shoes are new kid. ah and for some reason being in italy made me feel okay about my hair being all natural and wavy/frizzy. although i must say. my hair in europe was less frizzy than australia. just another reason i should move there. better hair.
dan xx

Sunday, October 23, 2011


finally discovered how to get my photos bigger. yay.
so these jeans I found in a little store on william st. they're a melbourne brand called Ziggy, and I guess their closest comparison would be to cheap monday jeans. the maroon is just a little more fun than your standard blue jeans. the top is ksubi. when worn alone can certainly look a little like a tough guy. so the best thing to do is add it with tight pretty things. the cardigan is country road and the shoes sportsgirl.
so i've been told that the last music post didn't work. you're right. it doesn't. so here we go again, i'm going to upload it again and hopefully it works this time. because i really like it. and i want you all to hear it :) only 2 more teaching weeks left of uni this year. it's kind of ridiculous. i'm not sure how this year has disappeared, but that's literally what it has done. just disappeared. i'm in this excited end of year mood and i just want it to be sunny and do all the things i don't get time to do during uni. i'm going to try and get some painting done. at least be creative in some realm, seeing as i'm struggling with the whole song writing thing. (which i assume is never good when you study music). we will see how we go. hope this weather stays sunny, because i need inspiration. ah. have a lovely day lovelies.
dan x

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

la musica

So. the whole cover band thing i was doing. We added one brilliant bass player and decided to do a demo CD with a few different tracks so people could hear what we play and not have to listen through entire songs. And I thought I'd share with you how it went. Good work boys.

the rest..

So here are the rest of the photos from my last post.
I seriously love this outfit. When I first put the shirt on, I looked like I was dressing for an office job. And then I put on the silly short and the blazer and bam. A completely different feel. Well. I wouldn't wear this to an office anyways. These brogues I really love, but I struggle to wear sometimes. And one key thing is needed - fake tanned legs. Something I'm getting in to the swing again with all this summery weather approaching. Oh man. It's hard having to maintain yourself. goodness.
Anyways. Got another post brewing. Just need to time to edit photos etc. But you shall be seeing it soon. Along with some danitube :) Oh and one more thing. Start following if you're not already, because I'm having a sweet competition soon. yay. Love yall.
Dan x

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


just a little sneak peak of the next blog post.
maddy's been trying to figure out some groovy new editing for my photos. try and give them a different look. starting to get over all this work for uni now. i don't want to learn any more, i just want to perform and write music and get actually good at it. golly. i think it's the sunny-ness of the world lately and the whole end of year approaching thing. where I just want to chill and do what I want to do. but darn it, i need to learn. and i've got something super to look forward to in the holidays. miss rachel is coming back home (well i'm not sure where her home is anymore) for a holiday so i get to spend splendid summer days with her. can't wait. oh and I made a video for the tube so should get it up soon. woo. see you in a little while lovelies.
Dan x

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So some days I just feel like dressing like a serious girl. There's something about candy-like stripes and bows that will always reflect an innocent young girl. And speaking of innocent young girls, my baby sister I feel, has been doing a marvellous job of taking my photos lately. We have some coming up that are a bit cool. It gets tough deciding where to take the photos, and we actually haven't done any outside of my actually premisses, (apart from the neighbours house, which has now been pulled down and the rebuilding has begun - you can only imagine how sad i was at the sound of those well lived walls being pulled down). So we've managed to keep everything pretty much home done, regardless of the numerous times we drive by a super cool location and say we will drive there for the next post. So anyway, I just wanted to thank that little darling for her efforts. Soon enough she will not be the one behind the camera, but the one in front. I mean really. No one is born with those genetics to do anything other than model.

Wearing: basik top. teresa ruiz belt. torn by sonny kobo skirt. marcus b boots. and a red ribbon for fun.
So aside from all my dribble about my much taller, browner, small nosed sister, I have decided to really embark upon this whole song writing thing. So I'm thinking I will start a YouTube account. It did the Beibs some good, so it might just help me too. I'll put many covers up, because really, that's all people want to hear - what's on the radio. But I'm also thinking it's going to be a good way to get feedback on my own songs, and hopefully, if it's positive, it will make me a little more inspired to delve further in to this idea of music as my career. So watch this space for the arrival of dansungtome? or something ridiculous like that. Lots of love,
Dan xx