Friday, September 30, 2011

boy things...

wearing: vintage blouse. sportsgirl trousers. ysl belt. topshop shoes.

So this is the other blouse I got from fi & co. I really like it. Although because of the shape/pattern you actually have to be selective with how you wear it. I've found this boyish style to be the most successful so far. And keeping it ladylike with the ridiculously steep heels. Although they could be easily replaced with sandals or even little boat shoes (maybe that's more of a hair down or messy bun thing too). But the pink lips are a must. It's a mixture of two of the best lip colours invented - Funny Face by NARS and Myth by MAC. The weather has been a bit gloomy and cold lately, but it would seem the sun is starting to come out a little more. So yet again I shall prepare my skin (exfoliate and fake tan) so that I may bear them without causing too much eye damage to the unfortunate people passing my glowing skin. Oh I love summer. Those of you with naturally curly hair and fair skin will understand. I'm thinking I should finally put up those photos from France that I said I would. Mmm. We'll see. Until then I look forward to my next post with hopefully a more sun-kissed-self.
Dan xx

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  1. Love this outfit! and I like the high ponytail! You have nice style.

    sherri from SHERRI AMOUR