Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hi friends.
So, winter is here. yay. I'm quite stoked about that. It means it's time for little white girls like me to shine - almost literally. However I am going to Europe in about a week and a half and it's summer over there! Sad to miss out on a month of winter, but hopefully I will come back with some amazing clothes. So looking forward to the photo opportunities on every corner. Although I've never been, Europe to me seems to be oozing with history and culture. I'm so excited it's almost ridiculous.
So, apologies for the lack of posts. Seems I'm good at saying I'll post and then I don't. I'm nearly finished exams, so I'm going to try and post as much as I can before I leave, and then hopefully I can update you all while I'm over there. woo. So this is just a post of my favourite shoes in the world right now, and the cosiest little ensemble. I wear things like this to uni often, however this was to the shop. I couldn't keep Charlie away, so he's just chilling with me in the photos :)

So the jumper is a knitted thing I bought from Gorgeous Vintage. From the 80's apparently. I friken love it. The shorts are a vintage pair of Levi's cut off's. Stockings from Alannah Hill. Socks from my drawer. And the shoes are these sick suede, crocodile skin patterned lace-up awesomeness by a brand called New Kid. I wear them almost daily.
I've been wearing my hair pinned to one side lately. I feel like it gives a little girly kind of polished feel to nearly everything I wear somehow. And eyeliner. I've hardly been wearing it - in fact hardly been wearing much makeup at all. Seems at the start of uni I wanted to maintain some sort of standard, and then I realised putting on makeup was just far too much effort, and I have now reduced makeup time to 5-10 minutes. A pretty great effort. Although I felt you deserved at least some eyeliner from me. So my new favourite is the waterproof liquid eyeliner by Stila. It feels just like a texta - love it.
See you soon friends.
Dan xx

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