Monday, May 16, 2011

le band

So I've recently started a little cover band with a couple of friends from uni :)
I love these two - Jared and Jackson. We are just getting started, creating a good set list of songs, recorded a demo CD, writing up a band bio and making some little business cards. So along with that we thought we would be super awesome and have a bit of a band photo shoot. Nothing flash. The usual situation for me actually. Venturing to the unoccupied house next door (which has now been bought. darn it.) and snapping a few shots with baby sister the photographer. So these are the photos we produced...

So this is us. We have lots of fun rehearsing too. And by that I mean play a few songs, then get burgers. A good life really. Oh and I am wearing a pair of new shoes that i looove. I'll show you a close up soon, you'll definitely appreciate the detail, not to mention the fact they were on sale.
Another thing - my hair. It's shorter and lighter on the ends. I made some sort of attempt to be cool and take on the balayage (not sure how to spell it) style. Much like Rumi Neely, but evidently way less cool. It actually looks really noticeable/choppy in these photos. you know with the whole contrast thing. mmm. I think I need to get it a little higher.
Enough of my thought process. If you need a fun little cover band (piano, vocals, guitar and drums) for any sort of function, feel free to hire us :) I'll leave you with one of the demo tracks we recorded...

Dan x


  1. Wow great demo - your voice is just beautiful! I always gravitate towards Oasis covers when on guitar :)
    best of luck with it all!!

    PS where did you get your balayage done?? I've been wanting to do it but worried that my hair is dark and the ends will come out funnnyyy.

  2. Your voiceeee is beauutiful!! I just loved it! =)
    I'm sure I totally will be a fans of you guys!
    Good luck!

    By the way I'm from Chile!

  3. Thanks so much you guys. That's so sweet of you :)
    Oh and I got my balayage done at Lee Wallis in Claremont. The girl did exactly what I asked for really, and I think I shall go back and get it built up a little higher?? It was a little pricey though, but I think worth it! x