Sunday, May 15, 2011

it's may...

Yes that's correct. It is the month of May, and I have been absent for that long.
To be honest I considered never blogging again, in fear of being judged, along with general lack of time/motivation. However there are just some cool things happening lately, and some great clothes I just felt unfair to leave you out of my adventures when we were just getting started.
I could potentially just fill this blog with all the ridiculousness of my life over the last couple of months, but I guess I'll just let it evolve. Although I have started at waapa (well it's almost the end of the Semester which is a bit silly) and I am loving it. Made the best friends, thank Jesus, and just enjoying being a part of music every day. Only down side is the food sich. Aroma cafe just is too expensive for average taste. And the 'food court' may potentially give me food poisoning, and my bag doesn't fit my lunch when I pack it. (I'm yet to get over my bag insecurities and just change to a larger far more convenient bag.)
This lot of photos however is almost completely irrelevant to life at the moment, but it was a good little representation of summer heading to autumn dressing. This little lady, was a vintage 'Chanel' (said in inverted commas due to it's fake nature) dress that I picked up at the vintage markets at the Burlesque Lounge. It did come to my ankles, and in true Dani style, I took it up to well above my knees.
There's something about this outfit that is a bit confused. I think I indulged in just a few too many features, but it did make me feel happy. I guess that's important. mm enough gab. Enjoy some photos after such a long period of absence.
Did I say sorry for that? Because I am. Sorry...

wearing: Sportsgirl hat, Vintage dress, thrifted belt, socks. unkown, and another pair of super cheap shoes from again there's something kind of ugly about them, but kind of cool. maybe it had to do with the fact they're a little big and were $20. meh.

Well I should be updating tomorrow too.
Yeah, look I have a couple of posts prepared to hopefully redeem myself!
Dan xx


  1. Lovely,lovely dress..adore the hair and the boots:-)i think u look perfect!
    Much love,

  2. oh well isnt this just the most adorable little denim dress! Perfect! You look fantastic :)

    Hope to hear more of your adventures soon!

  3. i love this outfit, I don't think its got too many features at all. I've been searching for a dress like that for ages. You did a great job hemming it. When ever i hem dresses with lots of material around the skirt they end up all wonky.