Sunday, January 16, 2011

sunday best.

So the other day I went to this gorgeous boutique near my house called Coco & Lola. I went there after lunch with my baby sister and my mamma. I have a post from that day, but I'm kind of busting to show you this new top that I got. It's bec and bridge, and 30% off. Oh I love those two things in the same sentence.
After church (and of course a little Japanese) Maddy and I drove around to find a beautiful spot to take a photo. And this house that was so close to the river on a quiet little street was so gorgeous. So that's the spot. And yes, I wore this to church. Whoever said churchgoers wore high waisted skirts, lace up shoes, and fully buttoned blouses obviously haven't been in a while. Besides, I'd happily wear that ensemble.
Talk to you a little more about the store next time, and show you purchases etc etc.

wearing: bec and bridge denim shirt. mink pink dress. and good ol havaiana thongs.
With love and exposed shoulders...
Dan x


  1. oh super cute! especially wonderful getting it on sale! make it all the sweeter!

    Lovely photos! you look stunning as always!

  2. the more i scroll through your blog the more i love it. you killed this floral denim look