Wednesday, January 5, 2011

seventh wonderland...

So tonight I took multiple photos of some pieces that I've really been wanting to show you, but I thought I'd put a new one up everyday, you know, for that element of surprise. You see, I have this small problem, that every time I leave my house to go somewhere even slightly significant, and I dress myself even slightly well, I never seem to have a. my camera or b. my photographer. So I end up putting on the clothes at a later date, or coming home from that small outing, and finding a remotely well lit area of my dull house, and as a result, the photos aren't usually too exciting. So I will try and make more of an effort to take photos before, during, or immediately after I leave my house. So on to the dress..

This was another Post Christmas Sale purchase - and again, not on sale (literally nothing I bought at these so called 'sales' was actually on sale). mm I love how I feel in this dress. Like I have some sort of flower power. Finding an appropriate slip to go underneath was hard though, and this one requires all nude underwear which can be a nuisance at times. Another thing - this whole head scarf idea came to me while discussing that crossed headband trend with Bella. As she was dressing as an Indian for NYE we thought it would have been handy if we had indulged in that urban turban trend and decided that it just didn't look good on us. But something compelled me to try it with a few old scarves of my mamma's, and actually, I really like it. So Anna(bella) - go and try it!
Wow, enough of the gab...

wearing: seventh wonderland dress, scarf that my mother got in india some years ago, and an assortment of jewellery - mostly from Lo Boudoir. Oh and i felt best in this dress with no footwear. I'm sure you'll agree. See you tomorrow - that's right - tomorrow :)
Dan x

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