Wednesday, January 5, 2011

one teaspoon...

One of the things I purchased at the Post Christmas sales (and typically one of the only things not on sale.) These OneTeaspoon shorts are so much fun and a perfect little shape. The setting bellow depicts most of my holiday time - on my bed, dressed to go nowhere, on my macbook. The only thing you can't see in this photo is my pile of clothes in the corner, stack of DVDs, and empty chip packets. That depicts what else I have done these holidays. Ah the good life...

Wearing: marcs singlet. oneteaspoon shorts. mickey mouse watch. and an assortment of jewelery, including those awesome four ring set that I love to wear stuck on the top half on my finger. I must invest in some more of these 'too small sized' rings as it makes me want to show off my hands even if I have scratched half of my nail polish off :) Until next time, you too have fun biting your nail polish off.
Love Dan x 

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