Saturday, January 8, 2011

made in italy...

I love these new shoes that I got for Christmas. The fact that they're tan makes it okay for a little white girl like me to wear them alone. They're so soft and lovely, and well, I like them :) This top is also an addition from my Post Christmas shopping - and yes you guessed it - not on sale. Oh and this belt I got from my Aunty for Christmas. Such a pretty little addition to any normal outfit. Hope you're all loving my consistent blogging. Knowing me it won't last long...

Wearing: NEUW cropped shirt, Peter Lang belt, vintage Ralph Lauren jeans turned to shorts, and Nylon oxford shoes. The bracelet is from my sister's wardrobe and the ring is from ASOS :)

Dan x


  1. love the wring you are wearing!
    Great style you've got there, very simple but very stylish

  2. Amazing outfit. I love your style. So happy to have found your blog. I would definitely wear this. :)

  3. Thank you guys so much. Really appreciate it :) And I'm glad you found my blog too! hehe