Sunday, January 2, 2011


Well hello there, and happy new year :)
So there will certainly be some outfit posts on the way. However, in the meantime, a few, rather spontaneous photos from the last week or so. Hope you have all enjoyed your holidays and make many wishful resolutions that we are sure to forget in approximately 1 month - if that. One of mine - take more black and white photos. Seems simple enough...

and to not leave you completely clueless...
1. the table setting at christmas. 2. fun lighting from new years gathering. 3. one of the other photos from our parent's christmas present. 4. beautiful sunsets and amazing coloured trees. 5. indian inspired makeup that i had rather a lot of fun with for bella's new years celebrations. 6. late night swims are so good. 7. charlie resuming his usual spot with a schmacko under the tree.
Talk soon..

Dan x

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