Monday, July 12, 2010

well hello...

So it seems I am a little slow at this whole updating my blog thing...

Men's shirt by Friends of Couture, Nobody jeans that I cut a long time ago, Stockings from somewhere, OTK socks from a random sock stand, Zomp boots that I've had for too long, and necklace from Periscope (a birthday gift from my best friend)

It was freezing today, so I had to add a scarf, jacket, and gloves - however my upper legs still suffered a little. So I did a little photoshoot with my friend last Monday and Tuesday, she wanted to do some makeup and fashion shots for her business and I modeled for her. Was lots of fun, so hopefully I can get some pictures soon to show off. I also did a couple of makeups, but nothing major :) So look forward to those pics, I've been told some of them are amazing! 
Dan x

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