Monday, July 19, 2010


This Sunday the family ventured for a couple of hours down south to Ferguson Valley. It was my Aunty's birthday at this small, isolated, pretty little winery/restaurant. The food was delicious with a 5 course meal. It's always a great idea that we don't go out to Italian places, as nothing can ever be cooked right if it's just not our homemade Calabrese way. It's such a relief when we go to eat and there are no complaints about the food. Thank you Jesus.
I took the opportunity to take some beautiful photos of my family. Plus I really loved what I was wearing. Funny story about my dress too...



gabby (my luscious lipped sister!)

michelle (my beautiful cousin and one of the most darn creative people I know!)

trendiest 60 year old! aunty florinda

my most favourite poncho...

aunty ricci (florinda) and uncle mal (malcome)

penny (my doctor sister) and her boyfriend sven (also a doctor)
(insane if you ask me..)

such a good display of bags there...

oh how I love red lips

My beautiful nonna. Starving after they got lost and were and hour and half late hehe

What we saw as we ate and were merry...

maddy's cheeky little smile

So, I absolutely love this dress...
I found it in a bag that my sister left here when she moved out of home (with quite a few other awesome things might I add.) I put it on in the morning and was wearing my poncho for weather reasons. However I took it off in the car and Penny (my sister who was in our car along with her boyfriend Sven) noticed I was wearing her dress. She kept looking at me, and realised I was actually wearing Sven's mother's dress from about 40 years ago or something ridiculous that she gave to Penny to wear to a bad taste party. Hardly bad taste - I love it! So that was quite hilarious.
Underneath I'm wearing a pink blouse by Wish, tights from somewhere, Alannah Hill bow belt, Tony Bianco wedge booties, and draped over my Mimco bag is my vintage poncho.
ooh and that dazzling red on my lips is 'dragon girl' by NARS

Dan x

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