Tuesday, July 27, 2010

by the way...

My next post will be about makeup. Something I have been intending to talk about a lot more, seeing as I am somewhat of a makeup artist. The basic gist is that it will outline some simple steps and tips to creating a day wear kind of look. I'll do more, and figure out a great way to show exactly what I'm doing. Let's be honest, my current method is mediocre. So just wait and see and be ready :)
Aaand don't forget to tell people to sign up to my blog so I can quickly reach a comfortable number and I can draw the first winner of the first competition, actually, I've ever held. How thrilling. Really, it's not to be missed, unless you of course don't like sterling silver chains, in which case you would be weird, and probably best you don't follow this blog.. maybe.. hey what the heck join anyway!
Lots of love to the (still) faithful few
Dan x

and in keeping with the theme, a pretty photo...

... thanks miranda

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