Thursday, July 29, 2010


...and bide make me a little happy.
Went to the warehouse sale at the showgrounds this morning. Must say I was impressed with the layout and the fact that clothes were kept hung up and not in discounts bins in which you have to search, possibly snatch off another person and in all of that maybe split your nail. And those situations are never good.
So I enjoyed it. This top I'm wearing is sass and bide, and what I actually wore to the sale - how corny. But I do enjoy it. Up and coming posts will showcase what I purchased. And the sale continues for the next two days (Friday and Saturday) so if you have a chance go for it. It's kind of ridiculous - I got a vest for $40 from $450. I felt illegal almost. Oo. well get in there friends.


There is some sort of deception, that in 2010, wearing so much makeup the slightest knock would put your eye on your cheek, is the way we women are meant to look beautiful. As I said - deception. Is it true that some people don't wear makeup and they should? Absolutely. But honestly the reality is that most people don't know how to put their makeup on or how to suit it to their face shap/colour/texture and all of those personalised things.

So, here is a little insight on how to create a fairly quick and refreshed look for wearing in the day...
and thank you dear Rachel for being my model...

Firstly moisturize and apply primer if you like...

1. Use a sheer coverage foundation - I used Dream Matte Mouse by Maybelline. It has a nice consistency and just helps to even out the skin tone a little.
2. Conceal under the eyes, all over the eye lids and any pimples or red areas that maybe be drawing a little too much attention to themselves - I used Studio Finish Concealer by MAC.
3. Finally dust over all that creaminess with a press powder (for a little extra light coverage) using a big fluffy brush - I used Deauville Powder Foundation by NARS.

4. Firstly I primed the eyes in order for the eyeshadow to stay on the eye as you're wearing it all day and don't want it to crease. Just used your finger and spread it evenly across - I used Painterly Paint Pot by MAC which I adore, and if need be can be doubled as a concealer.

5. Firstly I used a pearly light pink and a touch of white shadow and put it in the inner corner of the eye, and right under the brow - I used unidentifiable colours from Maybelline and Lancome. Then all over the rest of the lid I dusted on with a fluffy brush a light nude shimmer - I used Kitten by Stila.

6. Using the same fluffy brush I started on the out corner of the eye and worked up just past the brow bone and no further than half way across the lid using a light shimmer brown - I used a brown from Stila that I can no longer identify due to it's horrendous state. But this step just provides a light contour and allows for our next colour to easily blend.

7. Using a small domed brush I applied a darker brown to the outer edges of the eye lid going on and just above the brow bone and working almost straight up from the end of the last line - I used  Mekong by NARS.


So it looks a little crazy, but then...

8. Using a flat blending brush work around the edges of the dark brown to soften it, and blend it in to the initial colours.

Notice I applied the darker shadow on a fairly steep incline to lift Rachel's eyes. Girls with top lids that curve around a lot should never put shadow or eyeliner to the very corner of their eye, but rather lift it slightly before the end to make sure they're never droopy :)

9. Then apply a creamy pencil liner to the top lids, and this is just a lot quicker than liquid or gel liner for the morning.  - I used Black Khol Shaper for eyes by Clinique. Notice I started the liner very thin and only half way across the lid, then a pretty smooth gradient up pointing to the point my eye shadow ends.
10. Then to set the liner use a small angles brushed and go over it with a matte black shadow. This also smoothes the line out - I used Ebony by Stila.

10. Finally, apply the same shimmer base colour (in this case Kitten by Stila) to the very corner of the eye and going slightly under the eye also to just brighten you up and make you look like you had a little more sleep ;)
And hopefully that will all take 10 minutes!
But there's more...

11. Apply a matter bronzer or dark face powder - I used Deep Dark Blot Powder by MAC - in 3 areas of the face to slenderize and to give dimension to the flat foundation...

Lightly on the temple

From slightly under your cheek bone toward your mouth

And under the jaw line right back to the ear
It's important to have a matte contour so those areas will in a sense disappear and not be shining out.

12. Lightly brush a shimmered bronzer slightly above where you applied the contour, and sitting just on the edge of your cheek. This allows for a bit more colour and adds some illumination on your face, especially when the light hits you - I used Laguna by NARS (my favourite!)

13. Add a touch of blush startting at the apples of the cheeks and blending back for a youthful glow. Use a peachy pink with a touch of shimmer to really illuminate you - I used Orgasm by NARS. And by far the most versatile and used blush I own.

14. Using an angled brush choose a shadow appropriate for your hair colour (but not too light) to touch over your eyebrows. Start with the angle brush squared at the front of your brow and make small motions up toward the arch of your brow - I (appropriately) used Blondie by NARS. If you keep your eyebrows groomed, there is nothing better than a little filler to perfect the shape and fill in any gaps. If you don't get your browns done and you don't seem to have an arch - I suggest you go for it. It will change the whole fram of your face. Just a warning - steer away from the tadpole shape and don't go too thin! (I love eyebrows by the way...)

15. Finally add mascara. I used Blackout Diorshow by Dior. Absolutely my favourite. As Rach has blonde lashes and we wanted to really lift her eyes I only applied it to the top lashes, but those who want to make their eyes rounder or have dark lashes in the first place, go ahead and put it on the bottom too (I always do!)

And that completes the 15 steps it takes to get a beautiful day wear look. Ooo doesn't she look pretty...

And heres a little looky at those colours that I have no name for...

white on the left, lonely middle, and lightest on the right

pretty devastating, but thank God it still lives on

So there we have it. And just a touch of inspiration - we wear makeup to enhance the great features that God blessed us with (like Rachel's insane blue eyes) not to change the way we look. We are made beautifully and we just need to take care of it.
That's enough of that - go and try it all on!
Love Dan x

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

by the way...

My next post will be about makeup. Something I have been intending to talk about a lot more, seeing as I am somewhat of a makeup artist. The basic gist is that it will outline some simple steps and tips to creating a day wear kind of look. I'll do more, and figure out a great way to show exactly what I'm doing. Let's be honest, my current method is mediocre. So just wait and see and be ready :)
Aaand don't forget to tell people to sign up to my blog so I can quickly reach a comfortable number and I can draw the first winner of the first competition, actually, I've ever held. How thrilling. Really, it's not to be missed, unless you of course don't like sterling silver chains, in which case you would be weird, and probably best you don't follow this blog.. maybe.. hey what the heck join anyway!
Lots of love to the (still) faithful few
Dan x

and in keeping with the theme, a pretty photo...

... thanks miranda

Friday, July 23, 2010


So this week was the opening of my best friend's God parent's new furniture store in Subiaco. Ohhh my sweet Jesus I need them to furnish my house! The store is delightful. So much of the furniture keeps an old fashioned feel to it, but uses contemporary materials and it is beautiful.
After Ian and Maria (Bella [darling friend] 's God parents) treated Bella and I to a lovely dinner at the Subiaco Hotel Restaurant. Which might I add was also delightful and emphasis on the full!
Anyway, I did quite enjoy my outfit, and the waves in my hair were doing good things for once. yay! Also Bella wore the dress I made and my Ginger and Smart suit jacket...
that reminds me, I must get that from her...


lola palooza bag that my aunty gave me for my birthday. such a darn cute evening bag.

(it's difficult to see from my darn mirror)

Wearing dress by StyleStalker, denim jacket by Sass and Bide, tights and boots etc

Another thing. This jacket is about 6 years old and is a tad long and large hence the tying of it at the bottom. And I'm loving how this dress represents a fifties woman in 21st century. so flattering.

Don't forget to get everyone to sign up to my blog so I can draw a winner and someone can take home this beautiful little chain (which also featured on my first ever fashion post. which to be honest wasn't all that long ago!)
Love you dear faithful followers. all 21 of you ;)
Dan x

Monday, July 19, 2010

bettina liano

Sterling silver necklace worth $200. yay. Just become a follower and you're automatically in the draw to win it. That has to be cool.
I'm thinking I also might wait until i have at least 35 followers to draw the winner (ooo the big 3 5.) So go tell all... please.
Dan x


This Sunday the family ventured for a couple of hours down south to Ferguson Valley. It was my Aunty's birthday at this small, isolated, pretty little winery/restaurant. The food was delicious with a 5 course meal. It's always a great idea that we don't go out to Italian places, as nothing can ever be cooked right if it's just not our homemade Calabrese way. It's such a relief when we go to eat and there are no complaints about the food. Thank you Jesus.
I took the opportunity to take some beautiful photos of my family. Plus I really loved what I was wearing. Funny story about my dress too...



gabby (my luscious lipped sister!)

michelle (my beautiful cousin and one of the most darn creative people I know!)

trendiest 60 year old! aunty florinda

my most favourite poncho...

aunty ricci (florinda) and uncle mal (malcome)

penny (my doctor sister) and her boyfriend sven (also a doctor)
(insane if you ask me..)

such a good display of bags there...

oh how I love red lips

My beautiful nonna. Starving after they got lost and were and hour and half late hehe

What we saw as we ate and were merry...

maddy's cheeky little smile

So, I absolutely love this dress...
I found it in a bag that my sister left here when she moved out of home (with quite a few other awesome things might I add.) I put it on in the morning and was wearing my poncho for weather reasons. However I took it off in the car and Penny (my sister who was in our car along with her boyfriend Sven) noticed I was wearing her dress. She kept looking at me, and realised I was actually wearing Sven's mother's dress from about 40 years ago or something ridiculous that she gave to Penny to wear to a bad taste party. Hardly bad taste - I love it! So that was quite hilarious.
Underneath I'm wearing a pink blouse by Wish, tights from somewhere, Alannah Hill bow belt, Tony Bianco wedge booties, and draped over my Mimco bag is my vintage poncho.
ooh and that dazzling red on my lips is 'dragon girl' by NARS

Dan x